About us

Flex Kontura manifests itself as an association of extraordinary professionals. We gather together and combine people and their expert capacities to form a capability reflection of what it takes to perfect the task on hand. We blend and pool expertise regardless of whether the professionals are employees, associates or organisations external to our own, in order to create a perfect match and form the front of those that are competent, capable, and willing to deploy their capacities and act as a coherent whole towards realisation of a particular project. At the heart of such organisation is a cohesive force, a common set of shared values that unites individuals and aligns resources towards the project’s successful completion.

Our geographical focus is on South East Europe. Being at home here, we see these markets’ true colours, we can interpret information and make forecasts better and with more confidence.

We are helping our clients grow and develop either organically or through M&A by overseeing and managing entire processes listed below or by participating in particular phases of such processes and delivering documents relevant for each phase. The former are denoted here as solutions and the letter as services.

Solutions – Entire complex processes managed:

  • M&A process advisory
  • Organic growth advisory
  • International market entry advisory
  • Public procurement and tender assistance

Services – Stages or phases of the processes and corresponding deliverables:

  • Teaser, Confidential information memorandum, Pitch Book, Pitch Deck
  • Target screening (business brokerage services)
  • Company valuation
  • Financial due diligence
  • Business plans
  • Feasibility studies (investment plan audit)
  • Feasibility studies (international market pre-entry assessment)
  • Low commitment internationalisation – facilitation services
  • FDI feasibility report and assistance