Apart from managing denoted complex business processes, we engage in individual steps and phases of these processes and produce and supply deliverables corresponding to and being the outputs of those phases. Just as it is with outsourcing of the whole process, we act as an addition to your own resources when there is a need for such resources, and paying for these additions only when you need them. You can rely on these resources available when needed and to deliver the following:

Teaser, Confidential information memorandum, Pitch Book, Pitch Deck

Profiling a company, selecting its distinguishing attributes and packing those into an interest-evoking, attention-driving document puts a powerful tool into the hands of a capable broker.

Target screening (business brokerage service)

Based on a well-defined search profile in case of screening possible acquisition targets, or on your preferred buyer type in case of selling your company, we will search and screen companies that meet the criteria, and, with your approval, contact and further refine those that represent a better match.


Our focus here is primarily on small and medium closely held companies, valued on going concern basis, and for majority/control steak of ownership. Minority share of ownership is also catered for to accommodate valuing ownership in business combinations such as those in JV.

Financial due diligence

With the purpose of verifying financial condition, checking on business drivers, assessing forecasts and validating valuation, we conduct a financial due diligence and perform a detailed investigation of the company’s financials.

Business plans

To channel your idea and see it through to realizable business take off, with the aim of securing financing, a compelling business plan is essential. We develop business plans for orderly development of your business that can help you articulate your vision and strategy while withstanding the reality check and communicating those to different stakeholders and attract financing.

Feasibility studies (investment plan audit)

Articulation of a company’s business expansion serves not only to comprehend the proposal’s feasibility, but to buy-in other relevant factors and build credibility of the idea. We help you test and shape your plans to withstand feasibility requirements and scrutiny of a diverse stakeholder audience.

For investments that are to be made by organisations that relate the investment viability to broader well-being, such as gains to society or local community, we deliver studies that include analysis relevant to the augmented stakeholder base and in the form relevant and given for such types of investments.

Feasibility studies (international market pre-entry assessment)

With the feasibility study of your international market entry plan, we aim to assess prospects for your concept in this region. The study will look at how it stands against success factors of local markets and identify the resources necessary for a viable entry. It will reveal how relevant the concept is, how well the offer resonates with the potential client, and what potential the venturing into this region has. We will consider different ways of serving those markets and portray their appeal, clearly displaying the level of commitment each one entails.

Low commitment facilitation services

In case that market entry mode is a low commitment one, without your company’s direct presence, keeping it on exports/local distributor levels, our distributor and competitor screening and profiling reports serve to illuminate the business scene, enabling you to make your way through to successful market entry.

FDI feasibility report and assistance

Should your plan for entering the markets of this region be to establish direct presence, we can present you with a detailed topology of the business environment and map a suggested path of your entry into it. The assessment that includes market and competitor analysis, legal requirements, location analysis, financial requirements and projections, serves to select a preferred path and determine your exact needs for assistance.