M&A advisory services

We oversee and manage the whole process, assist, organise and lead throughout the deal value chain from acquisition/sale strategy articulation to Share/Asset Purchase Agreement. We convert your goals and vision into a set of parameters that guide search and screening process. We draft the documents, organise and deploy resources for each step and phase of the project, contact possible targets, and participate in negotiations and due diligence, leading the way to final agreement.

Organic growth advisory

We can help you test and remain selective about your investment plans and programmes before embarking on one, thus ensuring your stay on profitable organic growth path. With the context, audience and specific purpose defined, we deliver bespoke analysis in appropriate document forms, be those business plans, feasibility studies, or other organisation-specific forms of investment plan reports. Should external financing of the investment be an integral part of such an inquiry, we can present a selection of available financing sources, recommend suitable ones, and adapt the document according to the chosen financial institution. With the same passion, we develop business plans for entrepreneurs and start-ups, and make alternative sources of financing visible for those clients as well.

International market entry advisory

Considering market entry into SEE region? We can help you test the water, sharpen the idea and feel comfortable with the decision. We pave your way to comprehensive understanding of the business landscape of the region, and enable you to explore the markets. Being presented with an array of possibilities empowers you to be selective about the way you enter the markets, and our task is not only to list identified possibilities but to describe those in detail and make them accessible and reachable. Our eclectic approach to supporting your entry into the markets recognises transient phases during which using temporary sales force/representation may serve to verify your concept and present itself as the proof of acceptance. Whether just to sense he acceptance level, start selling early before the whole entry configuration is firmly set, or simply to bridge the transient phase, you can reach the market through our sales force, engaging it to sell your offerings for a defined period of time. Thus, you can keep your entry commitment at low levels and stay flexible should the market entry prove to be demanding or less attractive than originally thought. In parallel, we can assist you in defining and bringing up your lasting entry arrangement. We will help you establish and maintain strategic relationships with relevant organisations in this region. Should you want to take your entry commitment to an even higher level, we are here to support you with obtaining licenses, finding locations, etc.

Our pre-entry services include profiling the market and competitive landscape and delivering benchmarking reports, feasibility studies, identification of potential partners and clients. We analyse, preselect and contact possible distributors. And assume the role of your own rep office, and sales force during the initial period and beyond.

Given the pace of charge in today’s world, everything but continuous information update and on-site presence in particular market is yesterday’s papers. Even if you made your entry, chose your distribution network elements, it may be worthwhile to consider auditing your current local market configuration for its effectiveness and efficiency.

Public procurement and tender assistance

Our guidance, coordination, and support throughout the procurement process allows you to focus on everyday activities while not losing sight of new opportunities and potential new businesses. We make the process synchronised and smooth, and combine your resources to produce compelling offer proposal while keeping interruptions and distracting at minimum levels. Our advisory spans both strategic and tactical aspects of bid management process, keeps you updated with changes in the tender process environment, and lets you submit the proposal that aligns all the elements into a convincing whole that evokes interest and attention on the prospect client’s side. Our service covers also the period after offer submission, which allows us to advise and assist you in the final phase of public procurement.